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0005014: The 'Test Luup code' sent gets mixed up with old code
I'm debugging some stuff and I see that the code I paste in the textarea of the page "Test Luup code (Lua)" is not exactly what is sent to the vera.
If I go to /cgi-bin/cmh/, I sometimes see my code all in red with errors. But when I check the code, it seems that it is mixed up with a previous (not necessarily the last one) code I tried!
Go to "Test Luup code (Lua)"
Enter some code and click go
Open the log view "/cgi-bin/cmh/"
Check the code that was executed
Enter some OTHER code and click go
Check the code that was executed in the log view
Continue until you see a JobHandler_LuaUPnP::RunLua failed, then your code is probably mixed up with old code.
See screenshot
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png testLuupCodeBug.png (66,927) 2016-07-26 05:42
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2016-07-26 06:12   
I found out that if I add a large amount of blank (spaces or line returns) at the end of my code, then I can make it work, the blanks overwrite the old mixed up stuff!