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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000501411 Issuesminornew2016-07-26The 'Test Luup code' sent gets mixed up with old code
  00013592   Issuesmajorassigned (c_team)2012-05-08Need support for simplehomenet ZBPLM which is equivalent INSTEON PLM 2412U
  00011432   Issuesminorfeedback (it_team)2012-04-20Cannot restart dnsmasque if cmh UPnP is running
  0001223    Issuesmajorassigned (mcvflorin)2012-04-18Unable to set a user lock code in UI-4 Vera 2 using smart phone
  00013641   Issuesmajorassigned (c_team)2012-04-13Cant set scenes based on X-10 trigger.
  00007584   Issuesmajorassigned (c_team)2012-04-13X10 Triggers - Not listening to powerline
  00005451   Issuesminorassigned (c_team)2012-04-13Cooper Scene controller needs status light sync
  0002251    Issuesfeatureassigned (it_team)2012-04-12Request to include Lua Crypto into MiOS releases
  0000747    Issuesmajorresolved (c_team)2012-04-06resync users
  00012601   Issuesmajorassigned (mcvflorin)2012-04-06Fortrezz water sensor not reporting temp in
  0001224    Issuesminorassigned (mcvflorin)2012-04-06Lock status using smart phone and not correct
  00005641   Issuesmajorfeedback (web_team)2012-04-05Firmware upgrade from the first page "Upgrade Firmware" link fails at refreshing page
  00005332   Issuesmajorassigned (web_team)2012-04-05Generate Wep Keys doesn't work
  000051711 Issuesfeatureassigned (c_team)2012-04-05implement protection command class
  00009892   Issuesmajorresolved (web_team)2011-10-31DST does not work correctly (at least for Location "Berlin, Germany")
  00005471   Issuescrashassigned (c_team)2011-06-05Prevent Vera from sending loop events
  00006901   Issuesminorassigned (c_team)2011-06-05add a cmh option for 'run without internet'
  00006111   Issuesminorassigned (c_team)2011-06-05add html escape/unescape, url escape/unescape
  00009761   Issuesmajorassigned (mcvdaniel)2011-06-05X10 device shows On/Off buttons and in lu_status has LevelTarget
  0000613    Issuesminorresolved (c_team)2010-09-09energy working in luup
  0000676    Issuesmajorresolved (it_team)2010-09-09memory leak in tmpfs
  0000744    Issuesmajorresolved (it_team)2010-09-09Maximum number of characters limited to 30 for phone field in User table
  00007392   Issuesmajorresolved (c_team)2010-09-09Request Handler not found although plugins are installed
  00007321   Issuesminorresolved (c_team)2010-09-09firmware can get corrupted during mtd write


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